• Point software is useful application for the retail business

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    October 15, 2018 /  Retail

    Different retail businesses need considerable amount of money transaction. And, under this kind of competitive economic situation, easy transaction system always saves the time and effort of the customer. It is not only the attractive offer in the retail business that does matter a lot. But also to satisfy the customer, any business requires different skills. Thus, we can see the wide usage of Point software, which is known as the widely used technology in the retail business.

    The main purpose of using Point software is automating business transaction. Over the time, use of this kind of software has become wider and affordable. This kind of application over the time has been revolutionized in the retail industry. And thus, we can say that this kind of software is helpful in defining new standards in the business. s.

    It has many value added features, which are beneficial for different transaction process in the retail business. With the help of this kind of software, many transactions are recorded and automated in a computer and also it can handle different processes like, database management, inventory management, and reporting. With the help of this kind of software, the entire process has become much easier than before. These kind of advanced features are more beneficial in small business than the bigger one.

    Now, when we are discussing about the software in the financial industry, then we should not forget the contribution of loan servicing software in the mortgage marketplace. This kind of software is so swift that it takes less than ten minutes to build and supply paperwork for any kind of home loan.

    This kind of software is capable of tracking the payments over the entire tenure of the loan cycle, which can produce the payment alarm automatically. This kind of software can set the reminder on daily, weekly or monthly basis, which will eliminate the need for giving the alarm manually in order to track the late payments.

    Moreover, this kind of loan servicing software helps to track the entire outstanding loan balances. And, it also helps to get the current balances at the appropriate interval. The most striking feature of this software is sending the overdue notices by email straight away to the borrower. This feature of this type of software reaches the regular mail, when the software is programmed in order to print these notices automatically. This software also keeps all the information in a stored and secured place, so that any kind of data theft does not take place.

  • POS for Retail & General Store

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    October 14, 2018 /  Retail

    The General store module of Easysol POS contains details on outlet, unit of measures, rack, category, group, manufacturer, tax, item, re-order details, supplier, charges and MRP setting. It contains transaction details like store issue, purchase order, GRN, purchase, purchase return, purchase claim, damage item, store return – marking & direct, pending requisition etc. Features Multi Counter Billing

    Fast Bill Printing
    Accepts different mode of payment like Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, etc.
    Automatic Sales TAX calculation
    Easy Inventory Management software module
    Automatic Items and Rates updation from periodical rate list received from the company. Before updation EasySol will display the new items received, items with rate change and the items in stock but not in the rate list. Whenever you want you can view full history of rate change of any item.
    Daily Transaction Report showing opening cash balance, cash sales and sales return during the day, other receipts, other payments and closing cash balance. This report will also display all the transactions done during the day in a summarized manner by showing transaction type, number of transactions and number of items in those transactions. You can also select any transaction to view detailed report.
    Barcode code generation and searching.
    EasySol provides you a powerful SMS sending module. You can send individual SMS to your customers, suppliers and to your friends and relatives stored in your personal directory. You can also send bulk SMS to all or selected persons. At any time you can view the history of SMS send to any particular person or to all and can also select the text of previous SMS for resending. You can also store standard SMS text for future reference.
    Supplier due list management and bill wise payment module.
    Financial Accounting up to Balance Sheet.
    Variety of unique reports.

    Try the retail management software and you would love it. Please get in touch with us and we will suggest you the right modules for you.

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    Mohan Nailwal is having 22 years of experience in It services and his product EasySol pharma India’s one of the Top pharma software. For more information please logon easysol.in.

  • What Every Retailer Wants For Christmas

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    October 12, 2018 /  Retail

    In the broadest sense, testing falls into two categories: ongoing evaluation and tweaking to optimize daily performance, and peak load testing to determine overall site capacity and potential breakpoints. In either case, the only way to quantify user experience is to measure what users are actually experiencing. Unless you’re the local bike shop serving only your immediate area, the testing needs to be done across a wide geography and multiple backbones. And it needs to use an actual Web browser, and go through the same type of page view sequences and transactions as a typical user would. There’s simply no other way to get a true perspective on what users are really experiencing.

    GETTING A PERSPECTIVE ON EVERYDAY PERFORMANCE Ongoing performance testing, done on a routine basis or following upgrades, patches, or redesigns, can be as simple or complex as the site itself. Assuming the back of the house is in order – that servers are performing up to speed and all of the infrastructure is optimized – the focus of the testing is on the front end. Individual pages are tested and analyzed, and those performing below par are deconstructed to identify the structural problems or elements that are causing the slowdowns. A single element could be dragging down the page load, or it could be less-than-ideal placement of JavaScript on the page. The point is that testing and identifying the problem pages or transactions is only half the problem. The other half is being able to pinpoint the causes and correct them. A robust performance evaluation regimen accomplishes this.

    RETAILERS SHOPPING FOR STRATEGIES A few retailers are feeling upbeat about the coming holiday season. Best Buy is planning to do more holiday hiring than last year, partly because of strengthening demand for flat-screen TVs, smartphones, and netbook computers, and partly because of market share they captured following last year’s demise of Circuit City.vi Target plans to have 26 new stores open in time for the holidays, including five -Super Target- stores with full grocery departments; this, and more aggressive pricing, are moving Target closer to a head-to-head brawl with Wal-Mart.

    Most retailers, however, are simply looking for ways to maximize their share of holiday revenue. Deep and earlier discounting is expected to be widespread. And in a throwback to an earlier era, and at least partly in response to a growing paucity of consumer credit, the layaway plan is making a comeback. K-Mart and its parent company, Sears, are both offering not only in-store layaway plans, but also online versions as well. Consumers can reserve their merchandise and make payments online, and when they are paid in full, pick up their merchandise in the store.viii Whatever it takes, even down to giving away free gift cards, retailers are doing to get consumers to buy, either in the store or online.

    Keynote Systems – Web Load Testing & Web Performance Testing

  • A Complete Performance Delivery with Retail Management Solutions

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    September 28, 2018 /  Retail

    A retail business involves a myriad of independent processes that have to integrate and collaborate to achieve the final result. Everyday there are endless issues that could slow down the efficiency and make negative impacts on your business. Without an efficient and centralized management system your business can go haywire. So to avoid any adverse reactions and disappointing results you have to employ the retail fulfillment solutions that deliver promising results.

    The secret to a successful retail business is cost management while meeting the retail fulfillment requirements promptly without any compromises in quality. The contemporary customers are sure what they want and they will not tolerate compromises nor overlook any negligence. Many businesses have faced bitter experiences due to the spiraling costs in maintenance of the warehouse, inventory, logistics, distribution and transportation. The solutions deployed for achieving best results provide a simplified, cohesive and compact management process that encompasses all the vital processes.

    These solutions are extremely flexible and ensure optimization of resources. They invariably handle all issues related to warehouse and inventory control, order management and custom labeling, serialization and serial number tracking, freight management and freight tracking, returns management, online inquiry and reporting,retail packaging and distribution as well as delivery of goods directly to stores or distribution centers.

    The solutions that you employ for your retail business enforce appropriate measures to ensure deadlines are met during the packaging process. The packaging solutions provide customized services and ensure prevention of loss caused due to shipping errors, outdated products and inventory overheads. They are equipped with facilities for on-site custom label printing, automated source tagging and bar coding purposes. The solutions help in implementing the packaging process as per your choice or the requirements of your business – be it eco-friendly or shrink wrapped or hand assembled. These solutions help in reduction of obsolete inventory also and provide high value IP protection measures.

    The fulfillment solutions take care of all your retail distribution procedures and ensure timely delivery of the items to the correct destination. High visibility and real-time information is provided. The solutions have been designed to assess the specifics of your business and deliver best practices to ensure maximum mileage for your business. They possess encouraging integration capabilities that provide your business with positive results. The high-quality, cost-effective, secure, productive and flexible retail fulfillment solutions provides unlimited scope for leveraging your business prospects.

    Learn more about :- evaluation system, Systems Integration

  • Reliance Retail To Roll Out Multiple Cash-and-carry Formats Across The Country

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    September 19, 2018 /  Retail

    Reliance Retail, a subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani run Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), plans to roll out multiple cash-and-carry format stores for wholesale business across the country, after getting an encouraging response from the first such store launched in the city of Ahmedabad. With this initiative, Reliance Retail hopes to offer numerous national and international brands to small traders across the country and, at the same time, propel the growth of its consumer-focused business in the coming years.
    Eyeing multilateral growth in its retail processes, Reliance Retail has put in place a new management team to steer the course of next phase of growth for the retail subsidiary. It has roped in top executives from Wal-Mart China, Rob Cissell and Shawn Gray to take over as chief executive officer (CEO) and chief operating officer (COO) of the Reliance Retail business respectively. Their principle role will be to turn around the retail business of Mukesh Ambani led subsidiary and make it profitable within the next two years. Major focus will be put on FMCG, consumer electronics and durables business and more significantly on the cash-and-carry segment. The cash-and-carry segment in India is a relatively small fraction of modern trade and there is a huge opportunity for the cash-and-carry model to grow in the Indian organized retail sector.
    Reliance Retail has been the aggressively pursuing major changes in its business structure. Mukesh Ambani, addressing his shareholders at the 37th AGM 2011, stated that the next phase of growth for RIL will be derived from its subsidiary businesses, especially retail, telecom and financial services. Asserting that Reliance Retail has already become the largest food retailer in India, Mukesh Ambani noted that all the specialty formats of Reliance Retail will attain top positions in their respective segments in next two years.
    Reliance Retail is expecting to see its same-store sales increase by almost 20 per cent in the FY 2011. This anticipation is riding on the back of steady consumer spending over the last year; negating any adverse affects that can be rendered as result of present economic conditions.

  • Working In General Retail – Job Description Sales Assistant

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    September 12, 2018 /  Retail

    Would you like to work in the retail industry? If you possess any of the following skills apply now!

    Some of the main duties for a general position in the retail industry in a shop such as a department store or a boutique, working as a sales assistant will require the following skills:-

    Ability to interact well with people.
    Greet customers and ensure their needs are met.
    To offer help and assistance in locating/obtaining a particular product make/size/model.
    To make recommendations, such as, to place an order or to call another store regarding the item required if its out of stock and place the order for the customer.
    To make recommendations regarding the product/merchandise.
    Provide gift-wrapping and packing services.
    To be able to use a cash register efficiently and ensure vouchers, coupons and cash are kept in order.
    Process cash/credit payments.
    Answer questions and queries.
    Keep the environment clean/tidy (wipe down counters/shelves).

    It is essential to maintain as much knowledge as possible regarding sales and promotions whilst also ensuring that you know what the companys policies and procedures are regarding exchanging/payment of goods.

    Always maintain all essential security regulations are met.

    Depending on the product sometimes it will be necessary to provide a demonstration of its use or operation and give advice on the maintenance of the item(s).

    Other duties may involve:-
    Maintaining the stores sales records.
    Balancing the cash register and making deposits.
    Pricing items correctly and visibly.
    Creating attractive displays to promote the companys sales.
    Preparing sales slips and contracts.
    Making delivery arrangements.
    Selling insurance and service policies for goods purchased.
    Having the ability to stock take.
    Being aware and knowledgeable regarding security threats and keeping an eye out for theft.

    Whether you decide to work for a large department store or a corner shop or even a small boutique on the high street, the job role for a retailer is endless and full of career opportunities too. There is always plenty of overtime on offer and flexibility regarding hours of work.

  • How Retail Display Racks Assist In Increasing Profits

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    September 6, 2018 /  Retail

    No matter how competitive your prices or how good your products are, without a good display, you won’t sell as much. You will have higher profits when you use good looking and functional retail display racks. When you have things well-displayed, your customers will be able to see and find what they are looking for. Naturally, this will lead to more sales. If your customers enjoy their shopping experience, they will stay in your store longer. This means more sales and more profits for you.

    Understandably, you want your choice of retail display racks to match your decor and image and to put your merchandise on display to its best advantage. Jeans sell well when they are folded neatly on display shelves so customers can find the size they want easily. It is also easier to keep your store tidy all day and get organized at close of business. Depending upon your space, you can get metal display racks that stand on their own or attached to the wall. You can use a combination of the two to make the best use of space and create a range of display options.

    The use of portable rolling racks would work well for special sales or during the holiday season also. These are nice for sidewalk sales, clearance discounts, or whenever you need extra space. When not being used, the racks can be moved into a storage area or used to hold new merchandise that is waiting to be displayed on the sales floor. Every store should have a couple of portable rolling racks available. You can avoid missing opportunities for additional sales by having portable rolling racks.

    Retail display racks help to reduce losses and this is another means by which they add to your bottom line. You can deter thieves by setting up your merchandise in a way that makes it easier for your staff to keep an eye on it. Having a well designed floor plan for your store and display racks can discourage shoplifters from hitting your store at all.

    In essence, having retail display racks can increase profits as your customers will shop longer if merchandise is attractively and conveniently displayed, you can hold and stock more merchandise, and shoplifting will be held to a minimum. It’s a good idea to create your floor plan and choose appropriate retail display racks with these thoughts in mind.

  • How Retail Integrated E-commerce Aids Businesses

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    August 29, 2018 /  Retail

    Having an online store as well as a physical store has been beneficial to many businesses and suppliers; customers and retailers are able to easily browse a wider selection of goods that might not be offered in a local brick-and-mortar store. In effect, sales have increased; as much as 46% of retailers buy more from brands and wholesalers that sell online.

    Not only is shopping online easier, but the search capabilities that sites – and search engines – have to offer reduces the time spent trying to find the specific merchandise or goods needed. Customers and retailers can then compare suppliers to figure out pricing, shipping, and selection; they can make the proper choice to fit their specific business needs to maximize profits. In addition, retailers and customers do not have to visit the brand’s distribution center in person, which saves time and money if they are located on the other side of the country. Plus, retailers and suppliers are able to reach a wider audience by having an online store and the capability to ship across country.

    Another thing that makes retail integrated e-commerce important is the information that can be generated and how it can affect the amount of stock kept on hand. By comparing the sales of the virtual store to the sales in store, then retailers can determine how much of a product needs to be stocked on location. Increased online orders can lead to additional sales in the brick-and-mortar stores, due to increased stock availability. Plus, online orders that turn into in-store pick-ups can boost traffic to the physical establishment. Retailers are able to better track demand by watching the trends of their sales and comparing them, as well as better utilizing their inventory space while increasing the inventory turnover rate; businesses can run more efficiently.

    Retail integrated e-commerce allows brands and retailers to transfer sales seamlessly. All data and records on sales are automatically saved to the databases, so businesses can derive detailed information quickly, leading to better business decisions. For businesses starting out and researching a retail integrated e-commerce solution, a company like Infigra e-commerce can help by providing the expertise and the online platform you need to buy and sell quickly and easily.

  • Retail Inventory Management 101

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    August 17, 2018 /  Retail

    The retail industry can be competitive and one of the biggest challenges for retail owners is managing the store’s inventory. Businesses need warehouses to store a wide range of products, each with a different variety. If retail stores do not carry enough stock of a product, they are losing potential customers who will then just shop elsewhere. You will need to employ an effective retail inventory management strategy if you plan to be successful at your business.

    Retail inventory is probably one of the most complex types of inventory management, mainly because of the quantities required. In retail management, businesses need to be keenly aware of all the pieces of merchandise they need to carry. Furthermore, it can be difficult to maintain the right number of any particular item at any given time.

    Retail inventory management involves processes and methods used to keep track of the stock in retail businesses. Retail inventory management should never be the job of any one person but should be divided into departments and classified accordingly. For instance, an individual may be assigned each for ordering, shipping, receiving, tracking inventory, retail turn-over, and storage. Retail inventory management can help keep a business’ profit margin steady as well reduce theft and inventory loss.

    The appropriate retail inventory management practice is synonymous to exceptional revenues, while poor retail management spells disaster. Most businesses use some form of computer software or an automated system to manage their inventory. Unless the retail store is a very small one, doing it all manually would be very impractical, especially for very large companies dealing with tens of thousands of items.

    Retail inventory management also enables retail store owners and supply chain managers to predict over- and understocked items. When demand projections fail, the next best solution is to still sell items to the customer. This is true even if you incur a slight operating loss. By selling to the customer at a discount, customer-business relationships are built, and the business is saved from additional carrying loss incurred with other reverse logistics processes.

    Finally, take note that the truth about retail inventory management is that you cannot sell what you cannot find for the customer. Failing to maintain an accurate locator system can have the same impact on your sales as physical shrinkage via theft or damage. Real-time maintenance of an inventory control system is critical to success.