• Boxers Are A Very Low Maintenance, Easy To Train Dog

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    April 28, 2018 /  Transportation

    The boxer is a mid-sized dog breed that typically stands between 21 and 25 inches tall. They are noted for their muscularity and gorgeous appearance. This breed of dog is extremely loyal and when a friendship is built it lasts forever. The boxer is unique and not for everyone, if you are a new owner of a boxer you have to be aware that they need a lot of attention and training. I’ve owned many different breeds and the Boxer by far is the best I have ever come across. With its short coat, the Boxer is an extremely easy breed to groom.

    One should emphasize to the boxer dog that being bossy has a right place, and that you should stand as an authoritative leader with the right power to command. Being alpha will enable you, to control your dog and instill good behavior. The most difficult part of this process is communicating with your dog in a civil, non-violent way that lets it know that you are boss and that this is the rule.

    By praising positive behavior and correcting negative behavior you are able to show your dog what is acceptable and what is not in a loving way that does not make them fear you.

    When using leash and collar training, the boxer dogs must be trained to trust the handler and accept his or her directions without question. In order for your boxer to be fully trained, the handler must demonstrate the ability to place him into a posture or position he does not want to take. Today, white puppies are often born, but a white Boxer is not acceptable according to the breed standard which recognizes fawn and brindle colors only. In fact, it is a disqualification for Boxers with a total of white markings exceeding one-third of the entire coat. Don’t stop working on the behavior until the behavior your dog performs is an acceptable image of the behavior you described.

    Remember, when potty training your Boxer, anytime you spend outdoors early in the morning or late at night is not playtime but serious business. One very important thing to remember is consistency of signals. The reliability of the training depends on how well a dog is able to be sure of what your signals mean.
    However, it is important to remember that the best method of teaching a dog is still the reward and appreciation method.

    Teach a dog to obey you commands and reward it suitably. The main thing you have to remember in these circumstances is to be patient. From as early as 6 weeks old you should start your boxer dog training as this will help him when he grows up, socialize him, play with him and teach him, but do it in an exciting way and he is more likely to listen.

  • Hire Best Logistic Services To Count Secure Transportation Of Consignments

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    April 28, 2018 /  Transportation

    It is not only the businesses that need the essence of logistic services but sometimes individuals also require the same for fast and efficient shipment of consignments to the asked destination. They use the logistic services in order to get different packages deliver to its destination. Big enterprises make use of the logistic services because they find it suitable for delivering anything to its asked destination within time. The option has proved to be best in its kind because it not only minimizes the expense of the company but also allows you to save your valuable time.

    Moreover, logistic services have also projected its essence for being used as the supply chain in the international market and even when trying to deliver hazardous packages to a distance. This is the reason why people love to choose the logistics company in order to make the delivery of the same within the asked deadline. The service providers make use of different transportation medium like overland, air and ocean freight, charter, intermodal in order to dispatch the consignments within no time. They also hold the responsibility to clear up customs brokerage, consulting and helps you in saving your valuable time and money.

    You can find logistic service providers everywhere based in India and to search the same in your city, you need to just browse the internet and search logistic services in Delhi/Chennai or Bangalore.

    What are the elements that you need to check before hiring logistic services?

    1- Look for the years for the establishment that would let you grasp the actual years of experience of the company in this domain.
    2- Check the customer reviews to study about the positive and negative image that the firm posses
    3- Study the clientele of the company as this would allow you to study about the reliability and trust of the company.
    4- Check the transport connectivity that it takes to offer the services.
    5- Look for the storage and warehousing facility, so that the consignments can be easily stored before being dispatched.
    6- Make sure to ask for the insurance and risk management, as this would make you to ensure that all your products are
    7- Leverage the courier rate and accounts that would assist you to study about the budget that you need to fall upon.

    Though, you being an entrepreneur would always need help of the logistic services always, but before you hire the same make sure that you check the above mentioned so that you dont waste your time and money at any cost.

  • Build Sexual Stamina Train Yourself To Last Longer In The Sack

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    April 27, 2018 /  Transportation

    Learn how to train yourself to last longer in bed. If you are here, there is a good chance you have had at least one of those whoops type situations where you just got a little ahead of yourself (not to mention herself). Guess what? There is no need to feel embarrassed about that again AND you are not alone. Roughly three out of four men have or have had to deal with the issue of premature ejaculation.

    There are ways remedy this sitiuation. And guess what? Pills are not the way to go about fixing this issue. The best way to cure premature ejaculation is to train yourself to last longer. Anyone can accomplish this and you can do it in the privacy of your own home, office, car, etc.

    Think about it like this. Lets say you were going to run a marathon in four months and youd never even come close to running 26+ miles non-stop. The most youve ran is 4-5 miles per session. How would you train? Would you:

    A. A magic potion/lotion and popping some pills?

    B. Or, would you train yourself physically by slowly working up to 10, 15, or 20 or so miles?

    If youd just simply take pills, youll end up failing. Youd OBVIOUSLY TRAIN YOURSELF PHYSICALLY, right?

    Its exactly the same with putting a stop to being the early bird in bed. When it comes to passion in bed, the early bird DOES NOT get the worm.

    There is never a right time for being the early bird either. Think about how it is the first time youre with a new woman. You are extra exited, right? This makes it that much tougher to hang on. You dont want the first time to be over in no time flat.

    And if you’re married? You dont want the love of your life to think of you as the minute man. Think about how much women talk. And they DO TALK. Theyre not much different than us guys, except they seem to yap way more than us guys do.

    Keep in mind, you CAN TRAIN yourself to last longer in bed AND there are some excellent e-books available to help. The good thing about getting an e-e-book to help with this training is that it is absolutely INCONSPICUOUS. Thats right, you order, download, and learn. Nothing is dropped off by UPS or your mail carrier. You dont have to go into a store and pay the cute little female cashier for your early bird training manual. Its just you and your pc.

  • Non-food Retail Sales Showing Unprecedented Hike In South Africa

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    April 27, 2018 /  Retail

    South Africa represents the largest retail industry in the Sub-Saharan region and ranked as the 20th largest retail market worldwide. The retail market has benefited from the strong consumer confidence and high public spending on both food and non-food items. We have found that the non-food retailing will grow at faster pace than food retailing, with high spending on technical consumer goods. As per our research report South African Retail Industry Forecast to 2013, the non food retail sales in South Africa is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 5% during 2010-2014.

    According to our research, rise in investments by the international players, growing technological need, and rise in young population preferring new and advanced electronics equipment & apparel brands will spur the retail sales of non-food items in South Africa. Our study also reveals that among the non-food segment, technical consumer electronics products, such as mobile phones, personal computers, major & small home appliances, and other goods account for the largest share of around 60%.

    Our report has analyzed both segments of the South African retail industry, the food retail and the non-food retail. It has further segmented the non-food retail into clothing & footwear, cosmetics & toiletries, furniture, household cleaning products, and consumer electronics. The report has also studied the South African retail market in terms of different retail formats convenience stores, supermarkets, and traditional market.

    South African Retail Industry Forecast to 2013 provides comprehensive information and conceptual analysis of the South African retail market. It also includes the current and past market trends to present an idea about the industry developments. The report also includes prediction of future trends not based on the complex model, but are intended to provide a rough guide towards the direction, in which, the market is likely to move. The study also provides a brief business description and performance overview of the main retailers, which will help the clients in analyzing market dynamics and competition.

    For FREE SAMPLE of this report visit:


  • How Transportation Methods Keep Fresh Flowers Fresh

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    April 26, 2018 /  Transportation

    Chances are the flowers that arrived on your doorstep today traveled a long, grueling journey from flower farms in the Netherlands or South America. Yet they look just as fresh as they were when they were growing in fields. The secret to their blooming appearance is in the transportation methods used by the flower industry when they ship flowers to any point in the world.

    Depending on where they are grown, flowers take various routes to their buyers. For local shipments, some growers send their flowers to a packing company, who grades the flowers and arranges them in bunches. The packing company then sends the flowers to supermarkets or flower shops. Other growers cut, pack, and package the flowers themselves in the nurseries and send them out to buyers through mail, or to wholesale markets.

    International shipments work a little differently. Sometimes, flowers are packed in flat boxes, which allow a large number of flowers to be put in small spaces like airplane holds. Other flowers like expensive tropical varieties will not survive long without a constant supply of fresh water.

    Delicate tropical flowers are sent with a little water holder at the ends or shipped out in buckets of water. The latter method not only extends the life of the flowers; it also reduces labor time because once the plane or the boat arrives, the flowers are ready to be sold. On the other hand, buckets are heavier than boxes and take up more space. This method costs more and reduces the number of flowers that can be shipped. Thats why tropical flowers are the usually the most expensive in your local flower shop.

    Even growers in developing countries such as The Philippines now are using modern transportation technology that improves the shipment quality of their local flower industry. The lack of a cold storage facility usually results in flowers that are already half-wilted. This is because the time frame from when flowers leave the greenhouse to when they arrive at the plane or ship is very short, and its crucial that the flowers are placed in cold chain storage throughout the journey.

    Cold chain is a technology used to keep the temperature down for sensitive cargo like pharmaceuticals. With the availability of cold chain transportation, flowers sent from major growers to Europe and the United States arrive in excellent shape, as though they were freshly picked just that morning.

  • Anatomy Trains What You Wanted To Know About It

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    April 20, 2018 /  Transportation

    Anatomy Trains is a useful guide for movement therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists and sports written by Thomas W. Myers. Myers is highly qualified in manual therapeutic techniques and practised it for more than 30 years in different parts of the world. At present, he is the director of Kinesis, a company which provides professional certifications in myofascial release and structural integration therapy and continued licensure education.

    Anatomy Trains gives a clear understanding of the human muscular-skeletal system and the relationship of the muscles with the fascial network. According to Myers, the muscles and the fascial network are linked to one another. The fascial networking in an embryo starts at the same time when the bones, organs, and muscles begin to develop. This causes the development of a single continuous myofascial network. As a result, after the birth, any injury or accident that causes damage to the myofascial network ultimately causes disorder and ailments in the entire body.

    Anatomy Trains concept therefore adopts a holistic approach to treat any disorders related to movement, posture, and over-all body work. It says that while searching for slings and tensional lines, movement therapists must trace the muscle and fascial lines and grains instead of just focussing on the solitary muscle.

    The concept of the Anatomy Trains is used by movement therapists around the world for offering a complete and comprehensive natural treatment to their patients suffering from any disorder or ailment related to the connective tissues and muscles, such as pain in hands, wrist, shoulders, neck, and upper back.

    Some of the treatments and trainings that utilise this revolutionary concept are Myofascial Kinesiology Taping, Myofascial Training, osteopathic myofascial release and balancing techniques and sport osteopathy. Myofascial therapies for instance work to release the painful and tight myofascial structures including trigger points that might be causing pain and discomfort in other parts of the myofascial structure. Pain in hands might be a result of myofascial tension in chest, shoulders, or neck. In myofascial taping, new and unique techniques are used to naturally relieve the pain and heal the body effectively and permanently. Besides the effective treatment of musculoskeletal pain and disorders the Myofascial Kinesiology Taping techniques of the Physio Training Academy can now cure and kill pain for carpal tunnel syndrome, impingement syndromes, migraine and even tinnitus immediately after one therapy session just by taping whereas the original kinesiology taping method was not able to.

    The effects of our unique taping techniques have been proven in master and bachelor studies to get objective scientific evidence as well.

    If you are planning to be a professional therapist and wish to specialise in Myofascial taping or kinesiology taping, you may visit physiotrainingacademy.co.uk. The website offers therapeutic trainings and courses that combine Anatomy Trains concept for regulating fascia and muscle tension for astonishing and long lasting results for stability, mobility, and dynamic body movements. Here you get high quality practical courses with manuals and certificates for your CPD.

  • Train For A 5k Race – Run And Win!

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    April 19, 2018 /  Transportation

    If you want to test your physical shape or if you want to start doing some kind of exercise activity in order to stay fit but you are bored of gyms, then running a 5k race is the best idea for you. Running is easy; it can be done everywhere and is a very cost effective solution. Of course you cannot jump from your couch and start running 5k, no matter how easy it can prove if you follow a plan and program.

    People do not find the 5k race intimidating that is why most of the amateur runners prefer this distance. There are also many events that involve a simple 5k race – such as St Patrick’s Day, 4th of July race and so on. If you are looking for some kind of running exercise to keep fit, or if you have to start running because your health issues demand so, then choose the 5k and start training for it, before you are able to run the whole thing at once.

    Keep in mind that 5k races, even if they are run for fun without competing, are a very serious physical activity, and can prove really hard if you don’t follow the right way. There is definitely not a fixed recipe for all, as we are all different in terms of physiology and fitness. There are though many comprehensive guides out there, who can teach you how and when to run, based on your personal needs.

    A trainer can also do the same and is a very good solution for those who want to start running in professional races. If you just want to do it for fun or fitness, then a training guide should be enough.

    Follow the instructions of the guide as much as you can, but try to avoid anything that promises that you will run the 5k like a champion in 5 days, because this is not possible. You can see some good results after 6-8 weeks, which is a normal progress for most of the people, especially those who are not avid exercising persons.

    Every training plan is designed following some specific parameters so you have to stick to it; any effort to speed it up or slow it down on your own could have the exact opposite result.

    The goal of those programs is not to become a champion within a few weeks, but to be able to become a good runner who can enjoy and benefit from the 5k exercise as much as possible. If you feel like competing, then this is even better, but that is something that will come after being able to run the 5k comfortably for some time, with no fatigue and no injuries.

  • How To Turn Failure Into Success-Retail Prescription – Part One – Contentproz

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    April 16, 2018 /  Retail

    ContentProz i once worked as a store detective for the uk’s top ten retailers. ContentProz

    Many of shoplifting incidents took place during my time at this retailer is not the result of theft outsmarting us. ContentProz not as a result of store design or the policies and procedures that retailers have in place. ContentProz i remember working in shops. ContentProz where the toilets are not in stores. ContentProz this means that a thief could literally leave the store with a cart full of merchandise and can not legally be arrested. ContentProz because he could claim that going to the bathroom. Several times i was the only security personnel assigned to 30. 000 sq. Ft. Shop with multiple exits. On sundays we open at 10:30 entries to enable customers to start browsing. ContentProz

    However, we were scheduled to begin at 11:00. When we started at 11:00. We will see people pushing trollies full of stuff out of the store.

    ContentProz romeo richards business and education center, is the creator of the successful retail hexagram: click here to download your white paper “in the retail industry of the state” to download a copy of: education, business center, the most in-depth and comprehensive eskaintzencoaching and vocational training, such as doctors, lawyers, accountants companies, consultants, private companies and retail security executives. Romeo holds a master’s degree in international relations is the author of eight books, and book and numerous articles, official reports and best practices in the prevention of loss of retail trade and the protection of profits. His upcoming books, and retail store design of the books, visual merchandising, retail loss prevention, and how the 7 numbers annually to a lawyer, accountant, business consultant, a private security company, private dental practice, private medical practice, and charitable institutions & public sector financial published in january 2012 to manage.

  • Dynamics Gp Integration With Pos And Retail Systems Counterpoint, Microsoft Rms

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    April 15, 2018 /  Retail

    If you deploy one of the mid-market Retail applications and Microsoft Dynamics GP as your Corporate ERP system – we would like to review integration between the two. All three are hosted in Microsoft SQL Server. Earlier versions of Great Plains Dynamics were also available on Pervasive SQL 2000 or Ctree, but these versions are really legacy now and we will concentrate on MS SQL Server based versions. If you have old version of Great Plains, you still can deploy text file import via Integration Manager, and text file could be produced from Counterpoint or Microsoft Dynamics RMS via SQL Query:

    1.Counterpoint export to Dynamics GP. Here you have predefined MS SQL Server DTS packages, exporting GL (usually daily sales)and Accounts Payable (inventory replenishment) transactions. DTS is now considered as legacy application in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008 and you can either upgrade your DTS packages or use Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager to work with DTS files settings (typically when you have to modify predefined DTS package and include user defined fields into your text file export). When you got text files, the next step is importing them into GP via Integration Manager (this is why we mentioned above that Legacy GP version is not a big problem, as IM was available since really historical times)

    2.Microsoft RMS export to Great Plains. Here you also have Dexterity add-on, which moves your GL and AP transactions

    3.Some disadvantages of native integration tools described in paragraphs one and two. Both integrations should be initiated by user and could not be scheduled (without complex programming) to run automatically. Second issue – both are for importing into specific Great Plains company and you have to log off current company and login new company to send transactions there

    4.Alba Spectrum Microsoft RMS to Dynamics GP integration. Here you have automatic scheduled integration, many to many (RMS Stored to Dynamics GP companies), integration in Sales Order Processing transaction level (or Accounts Receivable docs, where you can track integration on GL precise distribution level). This integration is “Solution”, meaning that Alba Spectrum technical consultants have to install and tune it for you

    5.Advanced Counterpoint Integration to Great Plains. We recommend you to consider the option to pull Counterpoint documents directly in Dynamics GP Integration Manager via Advanced ODBC queries

    6.Bonus topic. Counterpoint or Microsoft RMS integration with SAP Business One. Here you have two options. First one is to deploy SAP B1 Data Transfer Workbench (where in Advanced ODBC query from DTW side you imitate SB1 DTW CSV templates). Second option – you pull records from SQL Counterpoint or GP databases via SAP Business One SDK. This integration is probably not for small companies, as programming budget should be close to hundred hours. But, for those of your who expect some investment and have the plans to benefit from them – we are here to help you

  • Ways to Use Facebook for Your Golf Course Marketing

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    April 14, 2018 /  Marketing

    In todays high-tech, instant access world, a Facebook page is a must for any effective golf advertising campaign. Simply putting up just any kind of page is not going to cut it though; in order to make this aspect of your golf course marketing strategy instrumental in attracting new members and increased revenue to your golf course or private club, you need to put some extra time and effort into building a page that works. Here are 32 ways to enhance your golf course or clubs Facebook page and make this aspect of your golf advertising efforts more effective than ever before:


    1.Make your Facebook account a business one, not a personal one.

    2.Apprise yourself of the rules and terms of having a business account on Facebook and follow them to the tee (pun intended).

    3.Complete every detail of your profile in order to establish trust and transparency.

    4.Enhance your golf course marketing results by including information about your newsletter in your profile including archives and subscription details.

    5.Separate friend and work relationships through separate accounts or profile settings.

    6.Use applications and feeds to integrate your Facebook and other social media accounts such as Twitter.

    7.Maximize privacy and professionalism by using the settings feature to hide any personal information.

    8.Hide any personal pictures from business contacts using settings capabilities.

    9.Use professional looking pictures of yourself on your profile to build trust and enhance your branding.


    10.Use a vanity url to help users find you on Facebook.

    11.Include your Facebook url in your email signature and any other golf advertising materials.

    12.Do your research on potential leads before making connections on Facebook.

    13.Use Facebook contact information to help you plan your meetings and trips.

    14.To set up Facebook Friend Finder, upload your email contacts to your Facebook account .

    15.Make use of Friend Finder to expand your golf advertising network.

    16.Post business-related news on your Wall such as business-to-business activities.

    17.Link articles and videos to your course and clubs Facebook page to engage your visitors and promote credibility.

    18.Link posts from Twitter to Facebook and vice versa to maximize your virtual golf course marketing campaign.

    19.Purchase Facebook advertisements that appeal to your target audience.

    20.Suggest friends to your fans to enhance credibility.

    21.Add even more social networking capabilities to your online golf advertising campaign through the use of Facebook Connect.

    22.Peruse your clients friend lists to find mutual friends.

    23.Locate golf experts on Facebook and message them to extend invitations as guest speakers or bloggers.

    24.Post survey results as interest grabbers and as a way to establish your course or club as an authority.