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    July 9, 2018 /  Retail

    Competence is crucial requirement in every trade. One such complex section where numerous tasks need to be considered is the Retail business. Various challenges that can be glanced at are Product related, Customer related, Supplier related and Cash related. EasySol is programmed to deliver flawless outcomes in all these areas.

    By analyzing stock incoming & outgoing, EasySol ascertains adequate maintenance of inventory to ensure that no product is out of stock. Also ensure that slow moving stock is kept at a minimum level.It makes sure that money is not blocked in non-moving stock and traces expiry items in stock thus. So Easysol can be useful as inventory management software

    Besides avoiding billing errors, EasySol evade peak time crowding at the counter. For having programmed well, it keeps customer transaction time to minimum thus prevent disappointment & loss of customers.

    Dealing with suppliers, EasySol maintains multiple transactions with distributors. It traces credit/debit notes dealing with suppliers as well as check on prices & scheme availability. It slashes the effort drawn in maintaining paperwork for purchase transaction. Characteristics of retail management software are also visible in Easysol.

    To avoid mismanagement of transactions, EasySol is trained to ensure correct billing & collection at the counter, particularly at peak hours. To carry forward this feature, the software should know the accurate cash status. At the end of the day, the cash box must have a positive balance.

    A medical store software requires features of both inventory management software and retail management software. So people looking for medical store software or pharmaceutical distribution software Easysolis the ultimate solution. Visit their website at

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